i'm basically jean-ralphio if he were a bitter social activist

Someone needs to lock Bastille in the studio until they’ve succesfully covered every song in the Western Pop Canon. 

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Trackname — Locked Out Of Heaven (Bruno Mars Cover)
Artist — Bastille
Album — Locked Out Of Heaven- Bruno Mars Cover

Human being to the mob
What’s a mob to a king?
What’s a king to a god?
What’s a god to a non-believer?
Who don’t believe in anything?

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Trackname — No Church In The Wild
Artist — Kayne West & Jay-z ft. Frank Ocean
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"When you have a broken heart, the first thing a stranger will ask is ‘how long were you two together?’ As if your pain can be determined by how long you were with someone. Or if you were with them at all. I don’t think that’s how it works. I think unrequited love is just as valid as any other kind. It’s just as crushing and just as thrilling."

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